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The Trésor Rare elite team of skin-care experts has for over 7 years pushed the limits to set a new standard in the skincare industry. The ever-diligent researchers at the Trésor Rare laboratories have travelled far and wide and in their quest, they have managed to amass the rarest, most valued and exceptional deluxe ingredients on the planet. Their aim has been one all along – to formulate unbeatable, age-defying skin care products that restore skin to its most youthful state.

The unwavering commitment to producing the finest skincare products has not only made Tresor Rare a trendsetter in this industry, but it has also made the company the first choice for those with distinctive tastes and preferences. This has been made possible not just because we have assiduous researchers, but also due to the fact that we pay close attention to our customer’s insights and opinions in regards to our unbeatable products. From their contributions, we have been compelled and propelled to perfect our craft.

Some of the highly recommended products by Tresor Rare include The Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Eye Zone treatment from Tresor, The Mystical Inspiration Perfume, Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel, Ultimate Pleasures Perfume and Tresor Rare Express 60 Seconds Lift. All these products are available from this store – Trasor Rare – Mall of Georgia.

What you see below are very honest reviews from our esteemed customers, who bought Tresor Rare products from the Mall of Georgia. They took a few minutes of their precious time to let others know about some of our products they have used, as well as the experience they got from buying from this particular store.

We value their testimonials about Tresor Rare – Mall of Georgia just as much as we treasure the awards and trophies we have worn over the years. Were it not for their feedback, how would other shoppers have known about, our products or the store? It is for this reason that we encourage you to leave your feedback as well. Don’t feel obligated to leave a positive feedback even when your conscience tells you otherwise. In other words, you are free to say whatever you want to say as long as it your truth.

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 42 reviews
by Marilyn French on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

Last month one of my workmates mentioned to me that my skin was aging; I felt bad. She however promised to take me to Tresor Rare – Mall of Georgia shop for some beauty products. The first thing I noticed when I entered the shop was the jovial employees and perfect organization of products. I just felt at home. I walked out with some anti-aging products which I have used for three weeks now. My skin looks so young and strong.

Modeling can be a headache especially with a sensitive skin. I have tried various beauty products some of which made my skin look worse. My sister recommended Tresor Rare products which I have used for five months now. I do not see the need of purchasing other brands. I visit Mall of Georgia shop twice in a month for professional treatment.

I give a five star to Tresor Rare beauty products. I visited their Mall of Georgia shop two months ago. The reception was so good. I was not sure of which product to purchase until one of the staff members explained to me what would work best with my type of skin. She gave me a sample to try out and I just loved the outcome. I would highly recommend these products to all ladies.

Looking beautiful gives me the confidence to go through a hard day. I use Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel every morning, and it keeps me going all day long; I do not need to apply more every hour. I remember the first time I used it my workmates could not get their eyes off me. Several of them have visited Mall of Georgia shop recently and they loved the products and services offered.

by Douglas Mandy on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

I have had issues with my skin texture. One of my friends advised me to visit Tresor Rare –Mall of Georgia shop. I received high quality treatment from beauty experts. My skin feels smooth and looks healthy. I use Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel which makes me look young. My friends love my new look. Next time I visit the store I will bring a couple of friends.

When I realized that my wife’s skin was aging, I immediately started browsing to find out the best anti-aging products. I came across Tresor Rare products and made an order with the help of an online beauty consultant. I was also advised to take my wife to Mall of Georgia shop for treatment. It is two months now and I’m impressed; she looks so good.

Tresor Rare-Mall of Georgia is one shop that you will get a variety of beauty products under one roof. On my first visit, I was not sure which product would go with my skin, fortunately a lady employee guided me on the best cosmetic that suits my skin and preferences. My next visit I will tag along with my sister and daughter for skin treatment.

Before I started using Tresor Rare products, my skin would change with weather or climate change. I came across customer reviews of Mall of Georgia products and I thought why not try out. I love everything about the shop; the welcoming staff, the arrangement, and high quality products. I purchased Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel which works so well with my skin.

I will visit Tresor Rare shop again and again; their product quality is on top of the mark. I wear BX-Skin Relaxor Thermal Mask and everyone I meet loves my look. I was trained on how to use the product by a well-trained employee. I don’t see the need of trying another brand; this one satisfies my needs completely.

I hated it when I had to remain in my room when my family went for a walk in the beach during vacation. If I dared to join them, I would regret it later; my skin was highly sensitive to direct sunlight. Fortunately after explaining my problem to a friend, she encouraged me to try out Tresor Rare beauty product. Employees at Mall of Georgia shop welcomed me well and helped choose the best product considering my skin problem. Last vacation I joined my family for a walk I the beach; the best feeling ever. Thank you Tresor Rare!

by Webster Grace on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

I was a bit doubtful when I saw Tresor Rare advertisements online. I however chose to visit their shop and try out some of their products. I have been using Tresor Rare Express 60 Seconds lift for one month; I love what I see after applying. The change is exactly as they say in the advertisements. Their products are the best I have used so far.

by Katie Richards on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

Every time I travelled my skin would react to the new environment. I used creams recommended by beauty specialists but the problem persisted. I thank my mum for encouraging me to visit Tresor Rare shop. I received executive treatment and purchased several beauty products. I can now travel the world with no worries. Next time I visit Mall of Georgia shop, I will purchase The Mystical Inspiration Perfume; my sister is using it and it smells so good.

by Tabitha A. Fernandini on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia
Age defying

My husband and I visited with a consultant, Ema and her store manager, Elle. I've always been really skeptical when it comes to facial creams. I'm really hot natured & have been to the point of not wearing a moisturizer because I'll just sweat it off. The results I saw today were really such a dramatic difference, I can only imagine how much will improve in time. I really appreciate the time that Ema and Elle both put in regarding the thorough explanation for my individual skin needs. My husband is equally excited. Looking forward to a full facial soon. I'd totally recommend others to these products. Thanks Ladies!!!

I made an order online of Complete Age Defying Mask Mystique from Tresor Rare – Mall of Georgia shop. I received exactly what I had requested. I enjoy looking at my young looking face on the mirror. Thank you Tresor Rare for your exemplary services and quality products!

My husband has always been complaining about wrinkles and rashes on my skin. I searched online on the best skin care products and I came across Tresor Rare cosmetics. I visited their shop in Mall of Georgia, and purchased several beauty products. For the last three months I have not heard any complaints from my husband; my skin looks beautiful and young. I am planning on purchasing their perfumes on my next visit.

by Phillips Janet on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

Despite Tresor Rare products rating highly in the market, they are beautifully packed. I use Ultimate Pleasures Perfume every time I step out of my house; the sweet smell lasts long. The last time I visited their shop, I could help but notice the well behaved and professional staff. They directed me to the perfume shelf and packet the product I picked so fast. This is the kind of reception that would make you visit frequently.

Tresor Rare is all in one shop where you can get all the skincare products and treatments from well trained and experienced professionals at an affordable price. I received professional treatment at a price that no other shop can offer it at. I strongly recommend it.

After undergoing pearl treatment, my skin is now brighter with more glowing complexion. All appreciations go to Tresor Rare products. I am so pleased, and I will not hesitate to recommend your products to a friend or a family. Thank you.

So far so good, I am so glad that I discovered products of Tresor Rare, I don’t see the need of buying from other companies. They are the best brands in the market.

Amazing products.; I purchased a skincare product from your store. At first, I didn't know which one will work for me, but with the help of customer care service, but I was advised on which skincare product that suits me. Thank you a million times!

Smells great! The perfumed I bought from this shop, everyone loves it whenever I wear it. Besides, the perfume I bought, I was also able to get advice from the staff on how to use it. Am just impressed with your products and fair prices.

Nofar helped me and I absolutely love the Age defying products. I was very skeptical until she used the Skin Potion Lift mask on one side of my face and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. With one use my skin on that side of my face looked vibrant and refreshed and plumper and younger. I am a believer now and can't wait to purchase the product, Expensive but seeing results like that I will definitely be a customer for life.

by Georgia Fisher on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

Will always come back again; the quality of your products is top level, I bought one last week and am happy with the results.

by Miriam Reeves on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

I recommend Tresor Rare as the best shop to buy high quality and highly effective skincare products. Have been using their products for a long time, and have not experienced any side effects. Besides, their prices are very affordable, their staffs are very welcoming and humble, and they guided me on how to use them for me to get the best out of it.

by Melba Singleton on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

From the day I started using your skincare products, have experienced incredible results, besides your prices are the best in the market. The discount I received makes me come back again for your products. Your team is amazing, I received proper guidance.

Tresor Rare shop is the best shop; it offers great kinds of stuff that are not only safe but also very effective, especially the perfume product. The perfume I bought has a unique and very long-lasting scent, which gives me more confidence.

What I like about this shop is the fact that their products are of high quality and are affordable. The customer service is outstanding, and they advise you accordingly.

Tresor Rare, I had no problems with your skincare products complemented excellent customer service. Your prices are unbeatable, I compared the prices of your skincare products with other shops, and your prices are the best, very affordable.

Quite satisfactory is what I can say about the luxury spa treatment I received from Tresor Rare professionals. It was the best service I have ever received before, will keep on coming and coming for this professional spa treatment. The cost of the styling services I received was surprisingly affordable.

Absolutely exceptional, I love the way I was treated; your professionals and customer care services were superb, will keep on coming back again. In fact, I was given a discount on the products I bought, so I end up paying less than it was expected.

Just happy; your shop has all the products, no need for visiting other shops. I was satisfied with the treatments, and with your affordable prices.

by Schneider Pat on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

For years, have been using the products from Tresor Rare, and so far have not experienced any problem. Their prices and the discounts I get from buying their products makes me come back every time I run short of skincare products.

I bought one of the perfumes from Tresor Rare shop for my son last week, up to now have not heard any complaints from him. In fact, am going to get one soon for myself, my son scents so nice, I admire it so much.

Original and high quality skincare products, my daughter love the smell of the perfume I bought for her from your shop, and I will buy it for her again. Also, I will get one of your products for myself, especially the perfume and skincare products. They are the best in the market.

I was happy when I visited Tresor Rare shop, it is a good place, with great staff and well-trained professionals who offer satisfying treatments. Thanks a lot, I’m happy, would buy from this shop again.

by Mills Courtney on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

I visited the Tresor Rare shop, and it was awesome, they helped me a lot explaining to me the perfect product and treatments that suit my age. Even they gave me a discount. Thank you so much, I was extremely impressed.

by Yvette Obrien on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

Your skincare products are amazing, I love them, not because they are affordable, but also they are very effective. I will be buying again and again, I am happy. Will refer someone, who needs skincare products.

Very affordable price will buy it again and recommend a friend. Am satisfied with the services of your staff, and your trained professionals. They help me with whatever I needed.

Tresor Rare Shop, you have the finest and the best skin care products on the market. I have been using other skincare products from other companies for some years but have not been experiencing any results. But, recently I changed to Tresor Rare brands, and the results are amazing. I am truly happy.

by Lloyd Patricia on Tresor Rare - Mall of Georgia

Great price, fast delivery, fantastic value for money, bought a perfume from Tresor Rare shop at a lot cheaper price than any other shop. Will definitely buy from your shop again and will recommend you to friends and family, thank you.

Excellent customer service. I visited your shop, and I was welcomed by your staff, and it's imperative to note that the treatment I received was beyond amazing. I have never experienced such before. I bought a perfume, from your shop and so far am enjoying using it, it offers the best scent.

I am so impressed with the perfume I bought from this shop. Their customer service is the best; they provide you with the help you could have asked for. The prices are great; I ordered for one and I received it within no time. I would not hesitate in recommending a perfume from or product from Tresor Rare shop.