Dedicated to the finest in skincare, Trésor Rare Professionals can provide relaxing and remarkable treatments that will change the way you see yourself in the mirror. Each treatment is tailored to specific skincare or aging-solution need.
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This treatment is ideal for normal skin, as it subtly enhances your skin to offer a brighter, more glowing complexion. We start by applying a gentle mousse with a scrub to purify and exfoliate the dead skin cells. Next, the BX Thermal Mask is applied to draw out any impurities from beneath the skin.
The treatment entails the use of products containing a unique combination of luxury ingredients. These consist of quality minerals sourced from around the world, including magnesium which is known for its abilities to reduce redness and puffiness.
This treatment is the ultimate in age defying luxury. Created for those who want a unique all-in-one experience, the results convey a vastly improved complexion that shows firmer, lifted, and less wrinkled skin. We start with a gentle peel and scrub to clean and purify the skin. This also prepares the skin for the potion lifting mask, which nourishes and hydrates the face.
This unique mask contains high quality honey and beta carotene, both known for their abilities to soften and moisturise. The complete age defying treatment also includes eye zone and neck indulgence, and results in younger looking and fresher feeling skin.
The Express Treatment is perfect for the person who has had a stressful and tiring week. We have created a facial to enhance your complexion and brush away the stress lines. A popular facial in our New York branch, this carefully designed tightening and lifting treatment is ideal for the individual who struggles to find time to pamper themselves.
This premium, next-generation lifting treatment is inspired by cutting-edge face lifting techniques that provide immediate, tightening results by using the special effect Express Lifting Mask for 15-20 min. A plumping facial massage is also included. The final step of the treatment incorporates the Express Lifting Serum that optimizes the elasticity of the skin, and also acts to restructure, re-plump, smooth and ensure that skin radiates.
This unique facial treatment is based on the miracle mask mystique from the complete age defying collection. If you suffer from fatigue, tiredness or loss of flexibility, this is ideal for you. Combined with an indulgent eye and neck treatment too, this 60 minute treatment is great to energise, refresh and lighten the mood of your complexion. The Mask Mystique Special Effect is finished off with the duo-shield, finishing powder from the Ultimate Pearl Collection.
This is a highly concentrated combination of Trésor Rare’s smoothing pearl powder, plant stem cells, phospholipids and liposomes that work to refresh, tone and enliven the skin.
This internationally renowned, multi award-winning facial is filled with all the goodness nature has to offer. The refining efficiency of diamond dust, gem stones and the softening characteristics of deep water pearls, all carefully combined with plant stem cells, Dead Sea minerals, phospholipids and liposome.
Using the unique BX-Relaxor collection, stress simply melts away. We begin the treatment with the mild exfoliating cream cleanser to eliminate pore congestion, dirt and dull skin cells. This is followed by the BX-skin relaxor thermal mask which serves to detoxify and purify the skin. This leaves your complexion glowing, with an enhanced radiance and firming effect that is immediately visible to the eye. The facial is then finished off with the BX-skin relaxor cream which results in a glowing finish.
Thanks to the exquisite collection of rare treasure, this exclusive 2 session treatment (a week’s rest is recommended between each session), for all skin types, will leave your skin feeling smooth, radiant and healthier than ever before.

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